Los Angeles Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney

Aronson Law Group is well experienced in litigation both in and out of bankruptcy. There are times when the litigation in your state court case may not be going well. Bankruptcy is both a chance to move that litigation into a new court where the process will likely be faster, less expensive and perhaps even more beneficial for you than in state court.

Bankruptcy litigation is a specialty of Aronson Law Group. We have even represented Bankruptcy Court Trustees. Attorney Robert Aronson has decades of experience and has successfully guided individuals and business owners through the bankruptcy process. Unlike many bankruptcy lawyers, he also has extensive experience litigating bankruptcy-related disputes from both sides of a disagreement. If you are at the center of a dispute related to a consumer or business bankruptcy, we can offer you a path toward a successful outcome.

If You Are a Creditor Who Has a Judgment or Seek to Challenge the Bankruptcy

Aronson Law Group can help you pursue these actions since we have also represented parties with judgments or other claims against debtors in bankruptcy. Indeed, if you already have a judgment, that document could very well hold up in a bankruptcy proceeding with the appropriate presentation to the court.

Don’t just assume that because someone has filed bankruptcy that you won’t get paid. If, for example, a debtor seeks to put you into a payment plan that is unacceptable to you, Aronson Law Group is well situated to make that challenge. Just as we know how to represent debtors against creditors, that same skill set allows us to represent creditors as well.

35 Years Of Experience To Help Resolve Your Bankruptcy Claim

We have experience representing both individual creditors and bankruptcy trustees in litigation involving the most common legal disputes. These include:

  • Preference complaints: When trustees attempt to recover funds transferred to creditors prior to a bankruptcy filing, we’re ready to help either side prepare an effective response.
  • Fraudulent transfers: Creditors sometimes accuse trustees of unfairly conveying property to third parties for inadequate consideration in order to place the property out of the reach of creditors during bankruptcy proceedings. In these situations, creditors may seek to sue the trustee for fraud. We represent creditors as well as trustees in these contentious legal claims.
  • Dischargeability claims: Some creditors will sue a debtor in bankruptcy court following the approval of a bankruptcy claiming that the debt in question was not actually discharged. We can represent individual debtors or creditors in these claims.

To discuss the details of your case and learn more about your legal options, contact our firm to arrange a confidential consultation. Call our downtown Los Angeles offices at (213) 688-8945 or send a secure email.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.