Los Angeles Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

You’ve put far too much work into your business to simply throw in the towel.

While it’s true that business debt can be the undoing of any enterprise, it’s equally true that business owners do have options when they want to keep the doors open and pursue success in the business world. At Aronson Law Group, we serve as dedicated legal counsel for businesses throughout Southern California that are seeking a fresh start from the weight of excessive debt and the chance to achieve sustainable business success.

Even in spite of the challenges you face, you’ve worked hard to make your business a success. You deserve a lawyer who will work even harder to help turn things around. Call (213) 688-8945.

Learn How Chapter 11 May Be The Lifeline Your Business Needs

Under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, businesses can stay in operation while restructuring their existing debts to reduce their overall debt burden. By reorganizing debts – and in some cases, even selling off certain assets – businesses can regain control of their finances while making good on at least some of their financial obligations.

Our firm represents partnerships, family-owned businesses and corporations in all sectors throughout the region. In particular, we are highly experienced in representing businesses with ties to Southern California’s diverse real estate markets. When it comes to legal counsel, our clients truly receive the best of both worlds: personalized, one-on-one guidance at competitive rates, backed by 35-plus years of experience handling complex bankruptcy cases.

Find out if your business can benefit from the Chapter 11 reorganization process. Send an email now or call our downtown Los Angeles offices at (213) 688-8945 to arrange a confidential consultation with attorney Robert Aronson.

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