Los Angeles Real Estate Purchase Dispute Attorney

To successfully resolve a legal dispute concerning the terms of a real estate purchase agreement, a lawyer must know more than the relevant law. He or she must have a nuanced understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s case, and be able to leverage this information in order to give a client the edge in negotiations or, when circumstances require, in the courtroom.

At Aronson Law Group, our focus is always on helping our clients prevail in real estate litigation. At the same time, we recognize that every client defines “success” differently, and a client’s specific goals will dictate the precise resolution that we pursue. Backed by 35-plus years of successful real estate transaction and litigation experience, we craft legal strategies to give our clients the upper hand whenever the terms of a real estate purchase agreement become the subject of dispute.

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Most disputes involving purchase agreements center on inaccurate or misleading information related to the property in question. In some cases, a purchaser may later discover that the title to a property is not clear. In other cases, a purchaser may discover defects in the property itself that were not properly disclosed.

Our firm has experience both prosecuting and defending these and other real estate claims. With extensive experience reviewing complex title and other real estate documents, our attorney can quickly ascertain the relevant issues in your case and begin devising a strategy to help you prevail.

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