Los Angeles Partnership Dispute Lawyer

The end of a business partnership can be a stressful and contentious time. What was once a joint venture of partners pursuing a common goal becomes individuals seeking to preserve their own legal and financial security, and in the process all parties involved may experience significant uncertainty.

At Aronson Law Group, we strive to give our clients certainty during uncertain times. In the context of partnership disputes, this means ensuring that our clients are in the strongest possible financial position once it becomes clear that a partnership cannot be salvaged. We leverage more than 35 years of transactional and litigation experience to guide our clients through every stage of the partnership dissolution process.

Our Goal: Protect What Matters Most To You

Real estate often figures prominently in partnership disputes. When partners decide to dissolve a partnership, a key question concerns the disposition of any jointly held real estate.

Our consultative, forward-thinking approach emphasizes identifying the best strategy to preserve our clients’ long-term financial well-being, not simply pursuing short-term goals that may not be in a client’s best interests. In some cases, it may benefit a client to advocate the sale of all real estate held in the partnership; in others, the best course of action may be to divide real estate assets, or to structure a more creative settlement involving other assets. With extensive experience working with complex real estate transactions, our attorney can quickly determine the course of action the other side is likely to pursue, and be prepared with an effective strategy to ensure that our client’s bottom line is not undermined.

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